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Unitec - The Car Wash Starts Here

Unitec was founded in 1983 by an electrical engineer and a carwash distributor who joined forces to develop the first discreet code entry system for the carwash market. From a basement workshop the two partners designed, produced and marketed their "Touch N'Go" system engineered to prevent the costly abuse inherent in the then current 'code-of-the-day' system. Unitec was incorporated in 1985 and was in full production at their first 'true' commercial manufacturing facility by 1987.

Throughout the 1980s "Touch N'Go," marketed as the TGR series, evolved to meet ever-changing market needs. By the end of the decade, the petroleum site carwash market was a dominant force in the industry. Unitec met the demand for a sophisticated marketing control system, including merchandising options and accounting reports, with the introduction of the POS 4000 console.

By 1992, Unitec was securely positioned at the forefront of technology in the petroleum carwash market, working closely with petroleum companies to develop the UNI-CAM™ interface software that allows customers to purchase carwashes at the gas pump, in the C-store or at the carwash entrance. By providing multiple points of sale, UNI-CAM generated greater sales and increased profits for site owners.

Unitec's successful growth can be largely attributed to the importance of customer interface. With the 1994 launch of Enterlink®, Unitec's first complete carwash entrance system, recordable voice messages, buy-up prompt messages and graphic displays were introduced to the industry. These features have increased customer satisfaction and promoted higher purchase values.

Unitec has consistently produced the most advanced hardware and software available. As a customer-driven company, Unitec's products and features were developed as a direct response to customer requests. Unitec products combine state-of-the-art technology, user-friendly operation - for customers and staff - and dependable, rugged construction. With detailed installation documentation and extended service hours, Unitec customers receive the highest level of service in the industry. Unitec's staff is committed to unsurpassed customer service, advanced product design and superior quality standards. As a Unitec customer, you are guaranteed the most return from your investment. Unitec products are distributed solely through carwash manufacturers and their authorized distributors.